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Glam was about make-up, mirrors and androgyny. It was narcissistic, obsessive, decadent and subversive. It was bohemian, but also strangely futuristic. It was Oscar While meets A Clockwork Orange. It was a mutant bastard offspring of glitter. But while glitter was sparkling distraction, glam was anarchy in drag. It was sexy, glamorous, on the edge.

It was the moment hippie finally died. It was absolutely Rock’N’Roll. But it was also fashion, art, theatre, lifestyle. It was gay, straight, multisexual. It was totally titillating and absolutely naughty. Everybody held hands with everybody, kissed everybody, went home with everybody. It was an age of accelerated discovery, when all the kinks of sexual yearning were flushed out. It was absolutely self-indulgent and it was ridiculously camp.

It was a time we thought would never end. A time so long ago now it seems like a dream. But it wasn’t and I have the pictures to prove it.

by Mick Rock (2005) - Glam! An Eyewitness Account. (via psychojello)

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@michelemmma found a new baby tomato in the balcony garden!  #success #wcw #plants #velociraptor #jurassicpark #cute #dreads

My dreads turned three years old this June : ) They started off being so small and wispy, its exciting to see them finally starting to grow. 


My sexy boyfriend and his band, Fainting Spells in Gainesville, Florida. Ughhhhhhh I think he’s so attractive. And talented. And of my best friends, Laurie, is the cute girl singing with him. Love them <3


It’s time to make a couple of announcements in regards to Fainting Spells and our music… Through the course of making our last E.P., “HAUNTER”, we recorded several more tracks. We recorded a few covers and a couple more original songs as well that just didn’t fit the same vibe as the ones we ended up releasing. Within the next two weeks, we will finally be making our music available for purchase/download. This will include “HAUNTER”, as well as a remastered version of our original demo featuring “Crash” and “A Precise Darkness”. For those who purchase both, you will receive a new E.P. for free called “ULTERIOR MOTIVES”, including one new original song, a Fugazi cover, and an Elliott Smith cover. Please stay tuned for more info.

1. Ulterior Motives
2. A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity To Be Free
3. I’m So Tired

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This may be the coolest song I’ve ever been a part of writing, performing, or recording. This is probably the spookiest sounding thing I’ve ever done. If you’d give it a listen, I think you might find something that you really like.